Premium Royal Jelly Plus Goji Berry & Grapeseed

450 THB

Details :

Premium Royal Jelly plus Goji Berry & Grapeseed secret formula from Aliz Paulin. Special selected from the qualified source of fresh Royal Jelly which meet all quality standard including ISO 2000:2005, GMP, HACCP in order to produce only qualified Royal Jelly in tablet. Aliz Paulin Royal Jelly enrich of all amino acid, vitamin which are necessary for the healthy health and also work together with Micro Collagen to reveling your beauty skin. Fresh Royal Jelly passed the special process called Lyophilized in order to transform fresh royal Jelly into tablet with retain all benefits same as fresh Royal Jelly. 1 tablet of Aliz Paulin Royal Jelly = 5 times of fresh Royal Jelly . Moreover Aliz Paulin Royal Jelly passed Germany Global Quality Standard to ensure that Aliz Paulin serve only premium quLity of Royal Jelly for your healthy health 100% form nature.

450 THB

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