The word “Aliz Paulin” rooted from combined Hebrew and Latin words, which means “Little Happiness”. The meaning is inspiring us of having happiness in everywhere and everytime of each moment. Even though our happiness is small, however, it makes us smiles and feel joyful for all day 🙂

Let Aliz Paulin brings happiness to all people. We create all types of beauty products for ideal beautiful skin as well as good health. We believe in “beauty from inside out”, which reflects good personality and strengthen your confidence. Although it is just little happiness in each day with Aliz Paulin, it enhances your charm and gives you attractive look to those who have seen it.



AlizPaulin Beauty Center, Bangkok Hospital Branch, Bangkok Plaza Building, 2nd floor, complete facial care.

Photobiostimulation with Young Again

The light delivery re-charges the ATP and dynamically improves chemical reactions of all skin cells as well as hair cells.